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The Strange Garden

A demon who runs story time at the local library. A robot that guards nuclear waste. A vampire who gives relationship advice. Death’s personal lawyer. The Strange Garden and Other Weird Tales is a collection of stories that mix the mundane and bizarre, that both disturb and delight. From the creator of The Stench of Adventure comes a set of mystifying stories with an undercurrent of warmth and heart.

“Darkly comical and heartwarming in the most disturbing ways… Alex Kingsley’s queer short fiction gleefully spotlights the weird, pathetic, lonely, courageous, and brilliant nature of ordinary people.”

-Shaoni C. White, author of o! worm!

“Kingsley seamlessly blends tenderness and warmth with the weird and disgusting all with biting wit and charm. Each story in this collection is like having a delicious little cake at the strangest tea party you’ve ever been to.”

-Grace Griego, author of Optimal Performance

“Alex Kingsley deftly combines sparkling humour and shivering strangeness in a collection of stories that remain remarkably human – regardless of how inhuman the protagonists.”

-H.R. Owen, creator of Monstrous Agonies

“A fun and subtly written collection of fantasy and science fiction by an up-and-coming author. Kingsley is one to watch.”

-Sean McLachlan, author of the Toxic World series

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Every story is strange, yet draws you in with totally believable and relatable characters. This book is in the best tradition of sci-fi and fantasy, relating the impossible and strange, whilst holding up an all too clear mirror up to our own world and our own experiences. I really enjoyed reading it, finished the kindle copy in two days flat, and went straight on and bought the hard copy so I could re-read more easily!”

David William Price on Amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“You can see by the rating how much I loved this little treasure of a book.
The author nailed the stories every time, let it be dark, humorous, deep, quirky, lighthearted or a bit of mixed bag. Its amazing how Alex took snippets and thoughts out of everyday life and turn it into these amazing stories….These stories grew close to my heart, I tabbed so much in this book, I will definitely re-read it from time to time.”

Niki Szabó on Goodreads

What writers are saying…

“Dark and hilarious in equal parts, weaving seamlessly between the two, sometimes even in the same story…If you love stories that have very personable narrators dealing with dark subjects with some humor, you’ll love The Strange Garden and Other Weird Tales. This was a quick read for me because I absolutely couldn’t put it down!”

-Dawn Vogel

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The StEnch Of Adventure

Stella Thomas had spent her whole life trying (and failing) to be a good daughter, friend, and partner. Then one day none of that matters because it turns out that her entire world was a simulation. Now Stella is thrust into a cold and uncaring universe, armed only with memories of a planet Earth that never existed.

Just when it seems there is nothing in the world for her, Stella is whisked away by a fast-talking totally-not-con-woman named Baz, who promises her a life of adventure exploring the galaxy. Well, she wasn’t lying about the adventure, but it’s not entirely what Stella expected.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This is a fantastic podcast made by fantastic people; hilarious and well-written, and I can’t wait to see where Stella goes from here.”

Luplep on Apple Podcasts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A well-written, humorous, and super weird podcast that leaves you with much to think about! Will be on my toes every week for each new episode.

chick3nstr1ps on Apple Podcasts

What writers are saying…

“The Stench of Adventure surely wins title of the week.”

-Alasadair Stuart in The Full Lid

“Wickedly funny”

-Donna Jo Napoli

The Stench of Adventure is ranked in the Top 5% of podcasts worldwide.

The Stench of Adventure was a 2021 Audioverse Awards Finalist
The Stench of Adventure has been featured as a Goodpods recommendation.

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“The Bearer of Bad News”

In a future where humans must carry animal fetuses to ensure the survival of endangered species, a woman who bears the horse fetus struggles with her day-to-day life.

Featured in Broadway World

“What a wonderful gift to the L.A theatre community: a new exciting play from a young non-binary playwright brought to us by a new electrifying theatre company that will no doubt change the landscape of possibility in our theatre community.”

Review in LAFPI

The Bearer of Bad News is probably not like anything you’ve seen before, but if you’re in search of the weird and wonderful this Fringe season, it’s an excellent place to start.”

-Review in Stage Raw

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Review of the Swarthmore College production of Women of Trachis.

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