In addition to my normal writing, I also design games! Here are some of the games I’ve released so far.

Potion of Trans Your Gender

Have you ever felt frustrated about the fact that many fantasy RPGs like D&D never acknowledge the existence of trans people? Well fret no more! Potion of Trans Your Gender is fantasy supplement with plenty of fun items, spells, and creatures to add some gender to your game. 

How To Read Tarot Wrong: Putting the CAN’T in ArCANa

Ever wanted learn tarot but thought it was needlessly complicated? Well guess what: it IS. And I’m here to make it simple by teaching you how to do it completely wrong. That’s right! This is the only tarot interpretation book that strives to completely miss the point of tarot. So if you want to be a horrible fortune teller, this is the book for you. 


The Metropolis has always been notoriously nasty, both for its abundance of crime and its abundance of supposed crime-fighters. Under the auspices of the King, the City Watch was allowed to perpetrate all kinds of violence under the name of the law. They became known across the Metropolis for being cruel, ruthless, and a little bit sadistic.

But then the King died, and the Queen replaced him.

In an attempt to quell the scourge of violence, the Queen passed a decree: No City Watchperson may use violence to harm another living creature. In a rage, the entire City Watch quit. If they can’t fight, then what’s the point? Desperate to find new peacekeepers, the city has recruited a band of volunteers to form the new City Watch: YOU. The new City Watch may have a lot to learn, from the world and from each other, but you are committed to upholding the queen’s edict: NO violence.  You’ll still have to keep the peace in the Metropolis. You’ll just have to do it…creatively

Beneath Red Sands

Beneath Red Sands is an interactive horror-comedy in which you explore a newly discovered set of tunnels on Mars. Who made these caverns? And why? Maybe you can stay alive long enough to find out!  Think The Stanley Parable, but spooky, and on Mars.

This game was created for the 2020 Secret Santa Game Jam. 

Louis Pasteur Simulator

This game was created within the course of three hours for Bean Jam #2 1/10/2021. 

The theme was “Randomly Generated.” This made me think of spontaneous generation, which made me think of Louis Pasteur, so I decided to make a game about the life of Louis Pasteur.


Psych!-ics is a tarot-based mini-zine  game created for the 2020 Mini-Zine Game Jam. It is a comedic twist on tarot readings, made specifically for people who know nothing about tarot! 

It’s easy and fun– and all you need to play is a deck of tarot cards. 

Cactus Simulator

Made in a few minutes for Low Effort Jam 6.

Cool Rocks: The Game (The Game Where You Find Cool Rocks) 

Do you have trouble coming up with characters for your RPGs? Or maybe you wish you had a neat character figurine that you could use on the game board? Perhaps you just want a fun and funky new way to build characters? Introducing, Cool Rocks: The Game (The Game Where You Find Cool Rocks.) Never struggle to build a character again. Now get out there and look for some neat stones. 

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OSHA Violations: The Game

Regulations are in place to keep workers safe. But c’mon, in this economy? The goal of the game is simple: commit as many OSHA violations as possible without getting caught. The player with most OSHA Violations at the end wins– unless they get shut down by the Safety Inspector! 

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